Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fisher Cat Sounds

Although fisher cats belongs in the cat family, the noise that they make does not resemble like any other regular meowing cat sounds. Instead, fisher cat sounds sounded more like a human's voice crying out for help.

Fisher cat is a medium-sized carnivorous mammal inhabited in North America. They are a relative of the weasel and is a ferocious animal that love to hunt for house cats. The fisher cat sounds are a very high pitch screech resembling the voice of a child screaming. It is quite hard to distinguish between a fisher cat sound and a fox sound as they both sounded pretty much the same.

This is a video which said to be a fisher cat sound screech in the woods outside of the author's house. You will notice a constant screech sounds on a regular interval made by the fisher cat.

The second video is showing a fisher cat caught on camera at night.

If you want to download fisher cat sound in wav or mp3 format, go to this page - The file size is 3.86mb. Finally, have you ever heard of any fisher cat sounds before? Leave your answers in the comment form.