Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Download Cat Meowing Sounds

Do you like cats? Today's post is pretty much about the download link for cat sounds meowing in wav files.

The cat audio file is made up from a compilation of several cats sounds uploaded by various cat owner over the Net. I would like to clearly announce that I did not hold any copyright of any cat audio meow sounds files. What I simply did was gathered the cat sound together, compressed it in a single .rar file and uploaded it online. With this, you can download the cat meow sounds in one single pack to your computer with just a few easy steps.

So what can you do with these meow sound? Well for a start, you could just keep it as a personal collection cd just like I did, since I loved cats so much ^^. You might also use the cat sounds as your phone's tone, or anything that involves cat sound effects. Wouldn't it be nice to have a cute cat meowing sounds as your alarm on your gadgets? Surely you will become the center of attention in no time! LOL

So why does cat make meowing sounds? The director of the Animal Behavior Clinic at Cornell University, Katharine Houpt, says that cats meow sounds represents different entities and meanings. For many, meowing cat sounds shows the need for attention to their owner, most probably wanting to be fed or to go out. Cat sounds can also be triggered by an aggressive behavior between two male cats.

Let go through the cat audio file details. I have gathered 111 cat meow sounds in wav format which bring a total of 14 Mb altogether. Most of the cat sounds are between 0 - 5 seconds long but there are several others that last for 20 - 30 seconds. This includes purring sounds, kitten meow, cat fighting and normal meowing sounds. You can download the file here : Cat Sounds Meow

If you have recorded your cat sound and wish to share with the world, do contact me and send those files. I would be more than glad to publish your cat meows here. If possible, please convert the cat sounds into .wav before sending the audio to us. Lastly, I hope you enjoyed some of my collection of cat sounds meow!